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Penis Envy Liquid Spores

Penis Envy Liquid Spores

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Penis Envy Liquid Spores

Penis Envy Liquid Spores Review

Although its initial release was a mere accident, Penis Envy has become one of the greatest subjects for researchers. While beginners should steer clear, this intermediate to expert-level strain is an interesting species to work with, as it's essentially a fun version of Penis Envy, a classic strain that has gained fame throughout the mycology research community.

What are Penis Envy Liquid Spores? Penis Envy Liquid Spores are spore syringes that contain spores of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in a liquid medium. To create a variety that produced more spores, yet maintained the same characteristics of Penis Envy, "RogerRabbit," a significant mycologist in the world of magic mushrooms, created the Penis Envy strain by breeding "Penis Envy" and "Texas" cubensis. Due to fate, or simply a mere mishap, the strain was accidentally released before being completed, and the printed label read "PE6." While the well-known mycologist shared that the variety was incomplete, Penis Envy has become a perfect strain for research purposes.

If you've gained interest in PE #6 (Penis Envy 6) and want to further explore its obtained traits, benefits, and effects, then we highly recommend our Penis Envy Liquid Spores. It's a fungus with roots tied to two of the most popular varieties and yields incredible results for those who want to learn about it and experience it first-hand.

Features and Specifications

  • Psilocybe Cubensis
  • Cross of Penis Envy & Texas Cubensis
  • Created by "RogerRabbit"
  • Penis Envy Strain
  • Recommended For Spore Researchers
  • Contains 10cc of Penis Envy Liquid Spores
  • 1.5" 20 Gauge Sterile Dispensing Needle

Product Includes

  • 1 x Penis Envy Liquid Spore 10cc Syringe
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