Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

What Is Psilocybe Cubensis?

Magic mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years worldwide as part of religious, spiritual, and cultural ceremonies. The psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms are fascinating and famous. However, most people either enjoy or fear magic mushrooms. If you are fond of or interested in magic mushrooms, you will enjoy the contents of this post. Below, we'll go through everything you need about magic mushrooms.

What is Psilocybe Cubensis?

Although thousands of mushroom species exist, only a few contain psychoactive compounds. Psilocybe cubensis is the world's most popular and widespread species of magic mushroom. About 200 species of mushrooms belonging to the genus Psilocybe contain Psilocybin. Psilocybin is the active compound responsible for the psychedelic effects experienced from consuming magic mushrooms.

Why is it Popular?

Psilocybe cubensis is not the only mushroom containing psychedelic compounds but is the most popular. Other species of mushrooms are said to be much stronger than Psilocybe cubensis. However, the popularity of Psilocybe cubensis can be traced to its easy growth.

Where does it Grow?

The Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom is widespread in different continents, including Australia, South America, South Asia, and North Central. This mushroom species is easy to grow, especially on bovine dung and other nutrient-rich dung. Although Psilocybe Cubensis primarily grows on dung substrate, it can also be grown on straw, grain, and cardboard. You can also grow  Psilocybe Cubensis from a liquid culture, which can easily be bought. Psilocybe cubensis can also be grown in warm, humid conditions. These mushrooms can be grown indoors or outdoors, in the lab, or at home by almost anyone given the proper instructions.

How it Works

Psilocybin mushrooms work by activating the serotonin receptors in the brain's prefrontal cortex. This part of the brand is responsible for cognition, perception, and mood. Psilocybin mushrooms only change the perception of objects in the immediate environment and don't always cause auditory or visual hallucinations.

Is Psilocybe Cubensis Addictive?

There is little evidence or information to show that Psilocybin mushrooms have an additive effect on humans. A person will not experience any physical symptoms from the stoppage of using Psilocybin mushrooms. However, psychological withdrawal after a few days is to be expected. Some have a difficult time accepting reality.

The Legal Question

In 1971, the United Nations listed Psilocybin mushrooms as Schedule I drugs. And although attitudes towards magic mushrooms are changing, these fungi are still illegal in most countries. However, there are loopholes to work around since only some parts are legal. Spores, mycelium, and truffles are not unlawful in most countries like the US and Netherlands. However, the actual fruiting body of the mushroom is illegal. It's legal to buy spores and grow them for research purposes. This is why it's possible to buy and sell spores and mycelium used to grow mushrooms. It's advisable to research your local laws before purchasing mushroom-growing kits.

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